Solar Thermal Heating

Quick Paybacks and free hot water from there.

Solar thermal systems have been widely used since the late ‘70s and ‘80s when the government was giving great incentives. After that, the industry came to a screeching halt. Once again, the government is offering some incentives again. Abacus would be happy to discuss these incentives and how they fit your application.

Abacus offers a number of options when looking at solar thermal collectors and storage tanks. In the past, flat plate collectors were the industry standard. In the last twenty years, manufacturers and installers have mastered vacuum tube collector technology. Abacus offers many brands of solar collectors. The vacuum tube collectors are superior to the flat plates in collection efficiency, especially on cloudy, windy and snowy days. However, the up front cost will show that you get more BTUs per dollar with flat plate collectors. Both types of collector are great for serving domestic hot water and space heating needs. Storage tank make and sizing depend on the application. Please call for more information and a solar site analysis from our comfort specialist. Please visit and Heliodyne for more.



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