Gas-Fired Furnaces and DX Air Conditioners

Start Saving Money Now! Most people have oversized heating equipment that does not match the heat loss of their home. Their equipment is operating in the mid efficiencies (80% efficient means 20 cents on every dollar in fuel goes up the chimney as wasted byproduct). They also have a boiler or furnace that operates on full fire when it is calling for heat and off the rest of the time. This is the classic triple whammy of energy consumption. On average, half of your home’s energy is spent on heating! A Lennox Variable Furnace and a Triangle Tube Variable Boiler are solutions that will offer a high efficiency modulating gas control that is matched to your building’s specific needs.

Abacus Mechanical is proud to be a Lennox Dealer offering the best HVAC products available. Lennox Industries to offer the best HVAC products available. Abacus will be happy to have a comfort specialist meet with you about the different options for your home.

High efficiency furnaces and air conditioners are becoming very common and more cost effective than in the past. We offer a variety of good, better and best options for your furnace or air conditioner retrofit replacement. All of our furnace and air conditioning products are backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. This means there is a third party that has your best interest in mind and they’ll stand behind the quality of the gear we install. We also offer a couple different kinds of Mini Split air conditioning systems if that is what your application calls for.


  • FREE Lennox Healthy Climate Air Filtration System or 50% off Whole House Humidifier with purchase of new High Efficiency Furnace or Air Conditioning add-on
  • 25% off Tekmar TN4 Comfort Control System with upgrade of current boiler to High Efficiency Con-Mod BoilerThe combination of 1. Properly resizing the boiler to your home; 2. Upgrading boiler efficiency and; 3. Adding an intelligent Tekmar Control system has realized as much as 75% overall savings and optimum comfort for some customer! (not to mention proper system design)
  • 10% off Tekmar TN4 Comfort Control System to add to your existing boiler system for savings of up to 30% off your current fuel costs
  • Free Solar Site Analysis with HUGE Green Incentives available through December 2010 – Call Abacus to ensure your system is done right!
  • Free estimates and consultations/ education on your home or building’s mechanical systems