Gas –Fired Boilers


Water has 4000 times the capability to transfer heat than air,which is a product of the density of the mass. In countries where the energy crunch has been a reality for years, they have mandated technologies like radiant slab heating and cooling and solar thermal collection. The reason is that these water-based systems are exponentially more efficient to operate. Fell free to visit for more information

Start Saving Money Now! Most people have oversized heating equipment that does not match the heat loss of their home. Their equipment is operating in the mid efficiencies (80% efficient means 20 cents on every dollar in fuel goes up the chimney as wasted byproduct). They also have a boiler or furnace that operates on full fire when it is calling for heat and off the rest of the time. This is the classic triple whammy of energy consumption. On average, half of your home’s energy is spent on heating! A Lennox Variable Furnace and a Triangle Tube Variable Boiler are solutions that will offer a high efficiency modulating gas control that is matched to your building’s specific needs.

Abacus is the company to call if you have hydronic (water based) heating needs. Hydronic systems are more efficient and require proper design and control to operate properly. Abacus looks forward to sharing our decades of experience with you. We have been proud partners with Burnham USA and Triangle Tube Inc among many others.

In the past, cast iron boilers were the norm for a boiler source. Now cast iron boilers come more efficient and the Burnham boiler we offer has a lifetime heat exchanger warranty. A cast iron boiler still has its uses, especially when serving high temperature radiators and some baseboard applications. They can even be used to serve lower temperature devices such as radiant and some low temp baseboard applications but they need protection and proper piping configurations.

The more efficient alternative is a condensing modulating boiler. While serving low temperature systems, the boilers run in 95%AFUE high efficiency range. When serving high temperature systems they operate in the 89-91%AFUE range. Lind’s is proud to be partnered with the best boiler manufacturers in the world. We adopt the industry’s highest standards and pride ourselves on properly matching piping and controls strategies to each specific application.


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