Preventative Maintenance

We at Abacus appreciate your business and the opportunity to serve you! We would like to inform you of the benefits of a Planned Maintenance Agreement. When you need a service call to fix a heating problem, we will give you 10% off the top for being a planned maintenance customer. You just need to sign up for a discounted yearly check and service on your existing heating equipment and we will be saving you money!

  • Our service department is equipped and prepared to handle emergency service 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year, aside from the annual maintenance.
  • You will receive 10% off material and labor charges for any repairs done above and beyond Planned Maintenance.
  • A planned maintenance equipment inspection offers a discounted price compared to a standard equipment inspection.
  • This is a transferable agreement in the case that you should sell your home.

Planned Maintenance Agreements are pre-paid, so there are no hidden charges. Annual maintenance is a great way to improve equipment efficiency and longevity, as well as save money on future repair. With improved safety for the whole family, a peace of mind is achieved. We find that our planned maintenance customers are our most satisfied customers. We will keep in close communication with you through preplanned scheduling and service.

Call today for more details…970-846-2806

Planned Maintenance Agreement PDF


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  • 25% off Tekmar TN4 Comfort Control System with upgrade of current boiler to High Efficiency Con-Mod BoilerThe combination of 1. Properly resizing the boiler to your home; 2. Upgrading boiler efficiency and; 3. Adding an intelligent Tekmar Control system has realized as much as 75% overall savings and optimum comfort for some customer! (not to mention proper system design)
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