Conventional Water Chiller

A classic direct expansion (DX) air conditioning system is running a compress for the duration of the space calling for cooling. The energy transfer is from refrigerant to the air moving across the coil. Now they make DX air conditioners that can operate very efficiently as they are serving one air handling unit or furnace.

Water has exponentially more capacity to store energy than air. It is because there is a mass to the water. This means that when we use a the same high efficiency refrigeration circuit as the DX system but transfer to water instead of air, we allow the high wattage compressor to cycle on water temperature demand versus indoor space temp demand. This allows the compressor to cycle on and off while the space is calling for cooling. This compressor running less will use less Watts.

Water chillers, along with boilers, have been used in commercial buildings for decades because of the lower operating costs they provide and minimal impact on structural needs. Abacus is proud to be able to offer this competitive option for your residential application as well.


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