Geo-Sync Cooling Source

Abacus offers an alternative to the conventional water chiller source. The geothermal filed relys on soil testing to see if it is possible or feasible. By laying a lateral field of closed loop tubing out into the earth, we can recover 55-60 degree F water. A conventional system will put out 45-degree water. We take a warmer inlet water temperature to the fan coil and by over sizing the coil and air distribution system, we can do the same work at an extremely efficient rate. We are using 100-200 Watts at each fan coil and a circulation pump that draw 500-1,000 Watts. That is compared to a refrigeration compressor that draws anywhere from 2,000-10,000 Watts while running.

The geo-sync system is perfect for serving a slab cooling application since you want your slab temp between 65 and 70 degrees F. We can use even lees energy on a system like this. The geo-sync system is a perfect match for a net zero energy home where you are trying to use photo voltaic to power the mechanical plants. Normally a DX condenser/chiller will be a challenge to power with that system.


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